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May 26, 2015

Hands up if you love More Cafe, Oman. I'm not a pancake traditionalist and I couldn't care less about 'em for the longest. Then, a little over a year ago I tried More's Pannenkoek on a Friday brunch at Royal Opera Galleria and went through a rite of passage. Since, whenever I was in the mood for some 'breakfast of champions' or whatever you wanna call it, I knew where to go, veraciously!  So, the specific Pannenkoek in question is a Dutch pancake loaded with green apples, cinnamon spirited and teemed with crème anglaise. Some of those times are positively logged on my Instagram. That hangout of theirs has since been packed away (and the Wave outlet is quite a stretch when I'm hungry) but a brand new one is underway, at a nonchalant distance from my attic. Come august, I'm walking there, pulling up a chair and waiting to be impressed, once again.

But this post is not about that. It's quintessentially about the ‘more’ that More Cafe at The Wave is now offering, their new palatable catering menu that I was introduced to recently at their catering event.  I, my husband and some great people from the living-for-a-share community gathered around a table eating, documenting and playing food. Major appreciation for More for organizing these very unconventional and thoughtful (personalized place cards, what?) shenanigans, where we learned about their new catering concoct, got to sample some fine finger food, whacked each other out at a blindfolded food tasting game, took the food pictionary darn seriously and put our largely non-existent coffee foaming skills to test with a little lot of help from their barista. It was such a reveling, learning and entertaining experience. I think how I felt was the equivalent of how my three year old feels when she dresses up in tulle and fairy wings with her favorite sparkly friend. We walked away with food babies, smiles and goodie bags.

The Spread

Mini Beef Burger

Chicken Tikka Wrap

                                                                 Mini carrot cake

Fresh seasonal fruits platter

And then, the games began..........

The boys in purple eye masks face off. They were blindfolded and told to guess the ingredients of a mini Shrimp and Dill sandwich. Shrimps, according to my husband (on the right) are also called 'big crabby things' on a hot day. So much for relying completely on olfactory nerves and taste buds. We all took turns and it was a whole lot of fun. 

Watching the barista whip out things like leaf, flower and even a bear, effortlessly. Those faces meant 'this is not easy and we take back all those times we thought it was'.   

Here we were breathing down the barista's neck, for the last time before we attempted our own works of art.

And here, I was trying to recreate a leaf. Trying.

From left to right : Ayshe (lifeoutsidethem25), Me, Alexandra Barbu (Assistant Manager/ Event Organizer), Susan (heyfatsu), Heather (theduncanadventures), Maurizio, Freddie (muscatmutterings), Max (the very supportive husband), Dahlia (aishelaqtta) and Medina (UB-Cool).

Appetizing gourmet sandwiches, wraps, mini quiches, sweet and savory pastries, skewers, dipping sauces, crudités, salads, mini cakes, sugar-free desserts and so much more is on their sweeping scrumptious catering menu which you can find here. This is just in time for our sweltering Middle Eastern summah when you won’t brave the heat to eat, have uninvited (or invited) company over, a little soiree with your friends or simply because you like to have substantial food choices on your on lazy day inventory.

What do you think...... Is it is up your alley? Try it at home or swing by over the weekend or both.

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