Au Naturel Skin Care Routine

October 19, 2013

Peeps, lets talk Dermis - Skin - Peau - Haut  today. In awe of the biggest organ in our body and an ode to every woman who has lost some sleep over it at some point in life. Coming to think of it, most women, including myself, are constantly in search of the fountain of eternal beauty and it somehow evades us with reckless abandon or so it seems. Although I fully support this quest, there is also no impasse about the truth that beauty is way beyond skin deep. This is so cliché,  but a reminder is always in order to tell self and women around that we all are beautiful. The power and aura of a beautiful soul is unbounded. But one should also be able talk freely about the exponential joy of make up and skin care, efforts at looking or staying pretty on the outside without being judged as vain, lame or privileged. It does not make you a shallow narcissist for wanting to look awesome, and it's never 'too much', no matter what they tell you.  

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