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May 17, 2015

So a few weeks ago I was searching for a new BB creme and jaywalked into Inglot on my grocery run *eye roll*. I inconspicuously sneaked into the make-up swatching female squad in there but this petite sales assistant came straight for me. Her face lit up with the warmest smile as she greeted me and offered to help. Mac, take notes! Don’t you love it when that happens at make-up counters, when somebody who is trying to tell, not pushing to sell, finds you.  She patiently gave me a run down of their face products, explained to me the jargon that they roll with for foundations according to type and corresponding packaging, and left me alone with my biz.

So the backstory is :

AMC Mousse Foundation - transparent round glass jar - foundation alternative - sheer coverage - velvetty matte finish - normal to oily skin

AMC Cream Foundation - transparent glass bottle with a very handy pump  - natural coverage - dewy finish - normal to dry/ mature skin

Cream Foundation - Sleek white tube - strong coverage - smooth finish - all skin types

Cream Powder Foundation -  black mirrored compact - strrrrrong coverage - cream to powder finish which is buildable - normal to dry skin

YSM Cream Foundation - not so sleek transparent tube - lightweight natural coverage - matte finish - normal to oily skin.

L - light, F - fair, M - medium and D - Dark for skin color  // W - Warm ,  C- cool  for undertones 

I was looking for something super light, airy and soft focus-y for summer with minimal coverage.
The skin I'm dealing with here is pretty normal but sensitive and prone to redness. I do not have enlarged pores or acne to combat.  But, I do have some flakiness when I fail to drink enough or do not exfoliate for too long. After much deliberation and swatching as you do at these places (it's all fun and games till you slop your white jeans with some long lasting, transfer resistant crap, gulp), I decided on the AMC Mousse Foundation in Medium Warm 700.

My skin color is medium deep, almost tan with yellow undertones. I matched my jaw to MW700 and this is the closest shade to my skin that they offer, probably a bit darker at the moment but that's totally fine by me over something too pink. And, I'm positively going a shade or two up come July. Cue, tropical vacation.

What I like

This is not a 'foundation', I give it that! It just about evens out your skin color like a good ol' tinted moisturizer, and smoothens like a primer. Coverage is sheer, very sheer. Good for me.

The air-whipped texture blends in effortlessly and wears comfortably all day, every day.

The finish is matte yet velvety

You do not need a brush. Works better with fingers or a damp beauty sponge and both of those take a little bit, a long way as compared to a dense product ingesting foundation brush. 

Looks great in pictures.

Vegan (this and most of the line is but not entirely), not tested on animals and Paraben-free  

Availability - unlike many other brands that never make it to Muscat or cost a limb to be shipped from elsewhere, this is can be acquired at a whim from Inglot's stand alone stores in Qurum City Center and Grand Mall, Muscat.

What I don't like

The shade selection is limited to seven and three in Muscat.

This is not the most reasonably priced tinted balm out there. 

This product does nothing for dry patches, if you have any - other than making them stand out like on a roll call.

The names and jargon that the brand is playing with in general are a bit too overwhelming, confusing and borderline gimmicky if I'm being totally real, especially if you are relatively new to it like me or you just wanna pick one thing and get going.  Fortunately, most of their products do not disappoint according to the interwebs. 

My impression 

Does what it says. It might not be a scalding hot romance yet, but I most likely will repurchase it once I run out.  

The cool gibberish that many cosmetic companies throw around as a marketing ploy to cash in on misplaced consumer perception is getting a little under my skin.  And that rant warrants a post just to itself. AMC Mousse has Paraben-free and cruelty free status, but that alone ain't ground breaking to me. It does contain at least three silicon based polymers that work for the conditioning/ anti-foaming properties of the product, and other chemical ingredients.  So, if you are prone to  eczema, dermatitis, skin allergies or flare ups, this might not be your safest pick.  To be fair, my skin has handled it quite well.

Like always, this product is working great for me but your mileage may or may not be different. There is nothing known to mankind other than a Nutella Jar that could make almost everybody happy and we women are a demanding bunch :)

Hope this was helpful and insightful if you are also looking into a 'no make-up' summer. I'm off to drink my water and you should too. But before you go, let me in on your thoughts. 

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