// Mango Chia Smoothie //

July 26, 2014

So the big word of the moment is Chia. Let's face it, I'm not that achingly regular person at breakfast, especially in the summertime.  So to over-compensate, I have been swinging by my  kitchen to fix this smoothie that I'm gonna show you how to throw in together (literally).  It's super fun to make and tastes so good that you won't be losing interest in it anytime soon, promise! All credits go to Pinterest for enabling Chia drinks in general, this however is my spin on the 'super healthy-super cool' drink:

  1. A mason jar
  2. Chia seeds (white looks better/ black tastes better in my books) - 2 tablespoons
  3. Dairy, almond or rice milk - one part or half the jar
  4. Fresh mango juice - one part or half the jar
  5. Shredded coconut (totally optional, if you like a more tropical version like myself) - 1 tablespoon
  6. Stevia or agave (optional again, if you're a sweetie:)).

  1. Toss the ingredients in your mason jar and give a good stir. Cover and refrigerate for several hours, preferably 3-4 (I leave it overnight). The wait is important because Chia seeds have an outer layer that swells up when mixed with liquid and make the drink gelatinous, almost like a pudding. 
  2. Bring it out, stir again and enjoy.
One finished drink (400ml) contains approximately 300 calories: 70 from milk (low fat), 110 from  mango juice and 120 from the Chia seeds .

15 grams of protein, 10 grams fat, 20 grams of carbohydrates and 13 grams of fiber, plus vitamins and minerals.  

I'm yet to find a better and longer filling pick-me-up. Brekkie, snack or dessert, one for all - all for one! 

Give this a try, will you?

xo Renee
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