Wander, Weather and Wine

November 24, 2013

Hey home girl, hope you are well. I just wanted to touch base real quick and let you know what I've been up to. Well, the big words for me at the moment are jet lagged, winded, under the weather but mostly thankful. A nasty ass flu took possession of me three weeks ago and it just won't exorcise ....completely anyway. It's going in circles between the three of us for quite some time now. To make the status quo not any better, I also had to deal with an annoying tooth situation for a while before I could do something to fix/heal/recover.  I'm usually not this fragile but life is throwing me some curves right now. But this too shall pass....Welp!!!

I was also on an unprecedented yet welcome trip home (Marburg, Germany) with Sara. My wanders and travels, for whatever reason have always taught me new things and skills. Not all who wander are lost, right? This time I learnt the art of survival on a long haul with a toddler. To be honest, it was quite fun sans aarrgghhh-inducing for the most part. I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you have your homework down and follow the checklist then you are good to go. 

It was perfect weather - cold (just above freezing) but not the spine chilling variety of it. Fall almost sauntering into winter, imbuing chunky knits, fluffy scarves, oversized wool coats and knee high boots, the oh-so-Christmassy spirit in the air, stores & kiosks overflowing with holiday decor, decals, ornaments, chocolates, calendars and wines, winds that are reminiscent of firewood and coffee beans ....you get the picture. It was hard leaving all that behind so soon. Although, I did bring back some goodies and memories to inspire me for the remainder of this year. In Muscat, finally and ready to log a few infographic posts, for both you and me 
Hope you are having or did have an awesome weekend. We are sipping on some home made Glühwein (the German-Austrian holiday drink) to kick the season off right, dreaming of Christmas markets and cuddling on the couch. Sweet!
As always......thanks for reading.

                                                              xo Renee

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