Taking Stock - December 2013

December 12, 2013

I have always wished December lasted longer because I'm super stoked about what it brings.... my little heart desires to live in the ho ho ho spirit forever. This year even more because I'm not the only kid in the house - they make everything more meaningful and fulfilling, don't they? So this is me sharing the pinch-me worthies of the season before it's over.... 
Making: room for a few more things in my koffer...if that is even possible. Yes, I'm hopping on a jet, yet again. It's time to visit my parents for the holidays...can't wait to kiss my dad and wolf all my mom's dope food down..... fully expect a food baby!
Cooking: grilled Chicken and green bean mash. 
Drinking: water, I know...borrrring. The ever-so popular festive spiced lattes are too sweet for me to handle.They make me nauseous, no joke. This lightweight has been doing some Glühwein for good measure though. 
Reading: In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms - Dr Laura Schlessinger. Great read.
Wanting: sniffles to go away and never come back *sniff*
Looking: for a new pair of riding boots. My imagination of the perfect one might be a touch too good to be true.
Playing: hide and seek with Sara. Also toying with the idea of redesigning the blog. 
Wasting: a cauliflower 
Sewing: what's that?
Wishing: for 2014 to be a better one, one where I'm gonna assume nothing, do more, want less, dream bigger, hold on to hope and realize how lucky I am. Try, anyway.
Enjoying : settling temperatures  and our perfectly holiday curated home. If you believe in christmas magic, then it's brewing non stop from our living room
Waiting: of course for Chistmas and to unwrap presents with Sara under the tree
Liking : my new monochrome striped shirt #jailbird swag 
Wondering: If I'm doing enough today so that my daughter could have a trust filled relationship with me tomorrow.
Loving: the hubster, still heart over heels. This boy always has his arms free to wrap me over and ears for my stories. He is my happy, he is my home!  
Hoping: to see some snow in January 2014
Marvelling: at my little ball of energy singing to her gold fish crackers. Adorabubble! 
Needing: to plan our next vacation. 
Smelling: nothing, my nose is stuffed like a stocking.
Wearing: leggins, tank and fuzzy socks.   
Following: Indie folk/ folk pop, especially when Mindy Gledhill does it. Her Little Soldier and Winter Moon have been warming my soul like firewood. Festive freak, huh?
Noticing: the laundry that won't wash itself and might need a little help.
knowing: that my life is close to a masterpiece and I was chosen to live it for a reason not coincidence. 
Thinking: about what I read today -`you don't have a soul, you are a soul and you have a body´. So darn true
Feeling: restless
Bookmarking: fur scarves (tons of them <-- the husband) 
Opening: his stash of Marzipan and stealing some, ha ha
Giggling: every morning when it's time for Sara to open the Advent calendar window.

Feel free to share your highlights. I'm all about Christmas/winter fuzzies....
Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to do this Pip, you are amazing.

                                            xo Renee
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