Happy Mother's Day - The Dandelion Diary #1

May 11, 2015

Starting something new here that I've been piecing together in my head and memory book for a really long time - the dandelion diary. It's my effort at documenting pure unsullied stories of triumphs (mostly) and trials of motherhood in real time. I'm reaching out to other practising moms so we revel in sisterhood by learning from each other and affording room for mistakes as we continue to raise humans without a manual.

Motherhood is my forte said no mom ever. This is a gig that keeps you grounded like no other. The minute you start to swell with delirious thoughts of  having it all together, it takes you along slippery slopes of anxiety you didn't even know existed. But when you look at the fortune that sits safe in your lap, the tantrums on the floor and snarls in the hair seem inconsequential and darn rightly so.

A happy and fuzzy mother's day to my fellow egg keepers.

Let's cherish these little humans and their tenaciously transforming world as hard as it might get every other minute. 

Let's live to learn and learn to live vicariously through them between these crazy yet comforting pages of life.

Let's log our journeys because each day is a disguised milestone and one day when they are all grown up and away, these stories are gonna be the best balm we could buy have at hands to soothe our aching spirits.

Changing rooms are for aerial yoga, demonstrated here by my threenager. Or maybe she just wanted to be carried in the middle of shopping, who knows!  :)

Back in a minute
xo Renee
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