Pray for Nepal

April 26, 2015

Life is fragile. And scary reminders like these only reinforce this truth. Images of loss and destruction  from quake wrenched Nepal sent me to a knee-jerk. This could have been me, my family was my first thought.....we all lucked out but these people didn't. Many were buried in the safety solitarity of their mud brick homes that they built themselves and others lost their lives on the streets. Cries of pain and grief weakens the air that the survivors breathe. Resources were severed and hope was stolen in a wink. 

Let's support, uplift and say a little prayer for them as they try to stand the wobbly ground and slowly find a new normal. The road to recovery that lays ahead is a long one but also one that will whisper weighty tales of Nepalese resilience for years to come. This calamity might have claimed thousands of lives and brought boundless suffering but the soul of Nepal is unscathed.

Sending love and light to my warm wounded neighbors across the frontiers 
x o Renee

Image source : Omar Havana/ Getty Images

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