The Snow Dream

February 13, 2014

Howdy...All well I hope. So it might even be safe to say that I have settled in a bit after my first fly out of the year in January. I might be doing this a bit late, but I must because it was just too dang good not to share.

Although any travel of mine borders a bit on excitement and unease, this time I really wanted to embrace the cloud and cold.  I really did. That could be the reason I've been incessantly daydreaming of snow since fall last year. We arrived in Marburg for our little vay-cay and days flew by but the talk/sight of snow evaded us. I was almost coming around to deal with it's not gonna happen, is it?  Then one night husband and I decided to dress warm, horse around downtown and get high like the in pre-Sara days while grandparents babysat, happily. We did all that and while walking home later (much later) I look up and catch these massive snowflakes making their way down, claiming us, trees and everything around pretty quick as if they were on some paint 'em white mission. All that I've been wanting was happening for me right there - the expected, unexpectedly.  In that moment, as I stood there with snowflakes in my hair, all I could think of was the law of attraction - Did my thoughts just create reality? Did I just bring about what I've been thinking about?

Maybe yes, maybe no, but that night I had a pretty snowy reason to believe I did. 
Woke up next morning to a blanketed quiet and a very excited husband tells me that there is more. I open the door and I promise I almost cried. The snow had fallen! Huge trees now looked like canopies waiting to be walked under and the smaller ones like leaves in a giant salad bowl with generous shavings of parmesan on them, the Castle of Landgraves in the backyard looked as if it was dressed just enough for the occasion, street outside was like a long slushy river from  feet making their way to work, even school and the air smelled like it should be only thing one should ever breathe - clean and crisp if you will. It was ah-mazing!

I bundled the li'l thing up and we ran out to make sure that it was not an optical illusion. This was her first time in snow so I didn't know what to expect... Luckily, girlfriend was beyond thrilled with the whole experience. We touched, played with, made things, wrote on, fell over and even tasted some of what she called 'the white one'. I snapped some pictures for my memory wall and watched Sara, quite the character become the meaning of my snow dream. Looked like the slightest mention of going back home hurt more than fingers being numb. Although the trooper did whimper a few times when it got a bit too cold for her to handle. Another time when we are in Marburg and  there is lots of it, I would love to take her sledding. I better get dreaming, huh! Chicken soup with glass noodles was the other highlight of that day.
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