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September 25, 2013

We all have our handbag favorites - Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Prada and what not. I thought today I should share the newest favorite of mine called Liebeskind with you. It’s a German design house, probably new and unfamiliar to non-Europeans. I say this because I have never seen a Youtuber 'haulin' one or a blogger talk about them. Don't quote me, I could still be wrong on that.....Continuing my trend of conscious treats, these have been my bags of choice for the past 3 years. Slowly but surely, I´ve grown into a bag snob who will not consciously give her money to just any designer because it popular, makes a “statement” or tacky totes with this fat-shamer designer's name sprawled x100 over is the coolest thing right now. Also, just like your clothes your bags should flatter your silhouette, not just be appeal to the eye.

Exhibit 1  
Let´s christen this girl "Twitterpated". She is three years old and for some reason I don´t seem to recall what the model name is. Probably can´t be brought home anymore too, if u were to like her (((((:
I found her in Mainz, Germany. Story time people..... Mainz is a beautiful city located on the river Rhine in central Germany. I was highly (34 weeks!) pregnant and was visiting my sissy in law who studies medicine there. I remember holding mommy's hand and walking through busy sidewalks, beautiful weather, cafes and restaurants buzzing with loved up couples and students, past a local market selling cheese, fruits, sausages and other yum things from heaven... the  smell of freshly brewed coffee, Flammkuchen (a thin french pizza with sour cream and bacon), Apfel(apple) Strudel and Opium in the air and my daughter flexing her muscles in my belly. As I sipped my coffee and toured the independent boutiques in the area, my eyes could not resist the last bag on the left through the window of a tiny glass showroom called Liebeskind (German for love child). Can the name be any more fitting to a preggo ? There she was - - this really amazing bag I laid my eyes on in a really long time. So unique that I knew that I had to bring her home. The perforated smooth leather and a pocket on the front with snake skin detail just sealed the deal.

Exhibit 2 - Esther Vintag

This one was an early birthday/ push present from the hubster. We were overwhelmed by the arrival of our daughter sooner than expected but he was thoughtful enough to think in time of something that could transform into a diaper bag if I liked. This piece is a part of their Vintage Collection. It's the perfect handbag- versatile, timeless and classy with chunky silver hardware. I tend to reach for bags with shoulder straps when I'm out and about and this features a long and sturdy one. Plus, it has forearm handles if that’s your style.

I love everything about this brand.... name and quality to start with. They also offer wallets, shoes, belts, scarves, accessories and more.

I’m posting the message from their design team to complete my rave :-))))

“Let us introduce you to the lovely company LIEBESKIND (German for Love Child), from the heart of Berlin. Their time-tested buttery soft gorgeous quality leather handbags will be your fave season after season. There is nothing super smooth, sleek or superficial about them - Liebeskind wants every bag to have a structure, grain or imprint.

"The soul of the Liebeskind brand is situated right in the midst of Berlin. Almost all Liebeskind products are designed here in our creative department. We work round the clock in the heart of Kreuzberg to develop innovative bags, Individual shoes and accessories to go along with them.

The Liebeskind collection is unique and trendy, being exclusive and affordable at the same time. "Casual elegance" is the key message of our brand!"

-The Liebeskind Berlin design team.

If you are interested , you can purchase them at

What do u care for when it comes to handbags? Feel free to add your two cents !

xo Renee
F.T.C - I am in no way or form sponsored by Liebeskind Berlin to write this blog post. My opinions are true and personal. Both handbags were bought/gifted for the love of them.

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